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Kids love “Why Guy!”

437 Questions a Day

If you have children or grandchildren, you won’t be surprised to hear researchers report that most young kids ask an average of 437 questions a day. Weary parents might think that number should be higher, but answering question after question is how young inquisitive minds learn about the world around them.

Why Guy takes that love of learning and presents it in an educational and informational video, much like children might experience on a field trip at school. With the Why Guy leading the way and asking the questions, together we’ll “get some answers!”

More Than “Just A Video”

FireGuy DressedSMALLFor your children, “Why Guy Questions A Firefighter” is an entertaining mix of questions, answers, fire equipment and a station tour combined with action footage and music to create a fast-moving and interesting video about firefighters. But for the parents, you’ll know it offers so much more!

Why Guy also presents important fire safety messages throughout the show in a way that is fun and meaningful for the children. They’ll learn what to do if their clothes catch on fire — “Stop, Drop and Roll!” They’ll also learn how to get out of the house if there’s smoke in the air — “Crawl Low and Go!” Plus they’ll see that a firefighter dressed in all their protective gear is not something scary they should hide from, just a regular person who is trying to help — “Don’t Hide, Go Outside!”

BONUS #1: “20 Questions” Family Safety Quiz

4pgInsertInside the DVD case of each “Why Guy Questions A Firefighter” you’ll find a 4-page safety quiz insert which is designed for children and parents to sit down and discuss together. Questions cover home fire safety basics that everyone should know, including planning your exits in case of a fire, and choosing a safe place outside where every family member knows where to meet after escaping.

Why Guy’s Safety Quiz also covers important topics such as…

  • Testing your smoke alarms.
  • Never going back inside a burning building.
  • When to call for help.
  • Having a home fire extinguisher.
  • Electrical cord safety.
  • And much, much, more!

Why Guy’s 20 Question Safety Quiz is included as a FREE bonus inside every copy of the Why Guy Questions A Firefighter DVD.

BONUS #2: “Let’s Draw A Fire Engine”

FireTruckSmallEach DVD contains a BONUS video that you’ll find at the main menu. This step-by-step interactive project helps your child discover the joy of drawing by helping them create a picture of a fire engine. From blank page to finished picture, this video shows each step and tells the young artist what to do next.

Each step is easy, as the picture is broken down into a series of boxes, circles, and lines. These simple strokes combined with a little coloring and shading, create an advanced drawing. It’s interactive television, and your budding artist will be proud of their accomplishment.


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