How to Choose a Domain Name

How To Choose Your New Domain Name

You might think a clever name like Google or Amazon is the best choice to name your new website, but there's a lot more think about when you choose your new domain name.  Unless you have millions of dollars to buy advertising to build awareness and name recognition about your new name, your better choice is to choose a domain name that has your most important keyword in it.

For example, if you are building a website that focuses on roses, your first choice might be a cute name like, which would be a very acceptable name for a rose focused site.  However, Google and Bing and the other search engines aren't quite as clever when they're trying to match a website with the intent of a search.  Something more direct that includes the word 'rose' will result in a faster rise up the search result pages as you build out content on your site. would be a much better choice over

When I'm starting a search for a new domain name, my first stop is the Google Adwords keywords suggestion tool.  This is available inside your Adwords account which is free.  You just have to log in with your Google account.  Type in your most important keywords, then browse through all the suggested keywords to brainstorm possible domain names.

I like to open GoDaddy or another domain registration site in a separate window and start searching the domain names I think of to see which ones are available.  If you look around the menus, there's a spot to search multiple domain names at  the same time which speeds up the process.

Searching possible domain names can be addictive as it's a lot like a treasure hunt.  You get a great idea, type it into the availability checker, then hope for the best.  If you're lucky it's available, and a short name with the .com version available!