25 Facebook Post Ideas for Restaurant Marketing

Everyone agrees that Facebook is a great tool to stay engaged with your customers and build your brand loyalty. That’s easy to say, but much harder to do when you stare blankly at the empty ‘Update Status’ box each day on your Facebook page. You can only post the soup du jour so many days before your fans lose interest. So to help get past that writer’s block, here are 25 ideas for creating Facebook content.

1. Cooking tips from the chef.
2. Survey your fans on any topic.
3. Feature your ingredient sourcing, especially local ones.
4. Large photos of your food. Scale a photo to 470 x 470 pixels, at 72 dpi to fill the timeline photo preview area.
5. Questions that your fans can answer in the comment area. Why do they call them French Fries? Do they come from France?
6. Recipes from your guests.
7. Spotlight an employee.
8. Tonight’s special.
9. Photos of your guests enjoying your food.
10. New product introductions.
11. Pairing ideas for your food and beverages.
12. Kids activity ideas.
13. Profile your customer of the week.
14. Italian restaurant (or fill in your cuisine type): Post about the food, wine and holidays of Italy.
15. Profiles of (or provided by) your suppliers.
16. Photos of your sparkling clean (and empty) restrooms. Cleanliness is so important to your guests, and it will show you have a sense of humor!
17. Birthday blasts – names and/or photos of guests celebrating their birthday today.
18. Share posts of local groups or non-profits your restaurant supports.
19. Contests or promotions. There’s Facebook Apps for this, or you can do something as simple as asking a trivia contest, and the first person to answer it right in the comments gets a FREE dinner.
20. Post testimonials from happy customers.
21. Internet Meme – that’s a photo with funny or inspirational text added to it.
22. Post videos – your commercials or a fun video like your employees doing the latest dance.
23. Create an InfoGraphic. These are popular and often get shared, going viral.
24. Create weird statistics… “If all the straws used in our restaurant each year were laid end to end, it would stretch from Denver to Los Angeles.”
25. Raise awareness of your lesser-known features… “We also offer event catering,” “We deliver for business lunch meetings,” etc.

If you’re worried about the time it takes to create this content, delegate. Many hands make for light work. Have the chef write some posts, the wine steward writes some posts, employees write some posts, and even engage your customers to provide content. Not only does it make your life easier, it increases the effectiveness of your social media as each of those participants is going to “Like” and “Share” their posts to their own circle of friends.